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Jassy is here to review her favourite products. If they are gluten free she'll give you an honest opinion of what she likes and what she does not!

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Written on 05/08/2014
by Jassy
veronicas-snacksI was sent the Sour Cream, Herb & Onion along with the Cheese Crunchy Creatures. One mouthful and I yelled "a great 10 out of 10 - these are...




tomato-soupThis soup is super easy, just throw it into your soup maker or large pan and blend until smoooth   Ingredients 6 ripe tomatos 1 carrot 1...
cake-pops-the-easy-wayThis cake pop way will save you hours of scooping cooked cake mixed with cream cheese and and then rolling into a ball and hoping they'll stay on the...
mini-quiches-pastry-freeThis is a fabulously easy quiche recipe - pastry free and perfect for snack boxes or fridge treats This recipe can be proportionally increased to fullfil...
pisatchio-ice-cream-gluten-free-dairy-freeIngredients 200g shelled pistachiod 450g caster sugar 3 large eggs 500ml canned coconut milk 350ml Single soy creamer 1 tbsp vanilla...
zesty-rice-pudding Delicious fresh rice pudding. Makes a great pudding, and left overs always taste even better the next day!   Ingredients 300g pudding rice 2...
spotted-dick A kids and Sunday lunch all time favourite, spotted dick with lemon or orange drizzle sauce and custard. Easily adapted to dairy free and is also egg...
real-fruit-jellyGluten Free Real fruit Jelly - vegetarian too!     Ingredients 700g frozen strawberries / blueberries or any fruits or 750g Fresh fruit 80g...
raspberry-sorbet Icy and refreshing raspberry sorbet. Serve with our perfect meringues or fresh fruit   Ingredients 700g fresh or frozen raspberries ...
raspberry-chocolate-tart The mix of dark chocolate and raspberries makes this a delcious dessert for the whole family with a naughty twist for the adults   ...
quark-berry-fool-low-fat-gluten-free-dessert A fun delicious quark, low fat pudding for those gluten free teenagers. Creamy, sweet with tangy fruit. Perfect for dinner parties and posh parties ...

Living With Coeliac Disease

Living With Coeliac (Celiac) Disease

The good news

... about having Coeliac Disease is that it is controllable, it maybe inconvinient, and the damage caused to the intestines will repair. The sooner the diagnosis, the sooner the diet can be changed and long term damage avoided. It is however, a total abstainance of all foods and products that contain gluten - cereals include wheat, barley, rye and oats.

The bad news

... about having Coeliac Disease is that you will be forever checking ingredients on packaging, asking restaurant waitresses if the chips are coated in flour and scouring your cosmetics boxes for the dreaded contents

And for children with Coeliac Disease

... going to a friend's house for tea, will always need to be catered for and possibly planned in advance BUT with the more and more products appearing at supermarkets, gluten free fish fingers and twirly pasta is easily stored.

Checkout our forums for great recipes and store cupboard essentials!

Branded products suitable for Coeliacs

More and more well known supermarkets and brands are claiming the Coeliac-friendly status, it's no longer a special trip to the health shop.



Hi, this website has been developed to try and make life a little simpler when dealing with Celiac Disease in an everyday busy family situation.

My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010, and this new restriction on her diet was going to have a huge impact on the whole family. I soon hit the internet and found out loads of information which was great but often too medical explanations were difficult to understand (Check out our simple guide to celiac disease). I then trawled the kitchen cupboards and found that actually, many things were absolutely fine for her to eat....phew (Find out about being Gluten Free). I then went to the supermarket and was delighted by the range of gluten free products and thought... this isnt so bad.

BUT what has dawned on me over time is that many of the products contain perservatives and last for weeks - I still want to give her fresh healthy foods - BUT I havent got the time to bake everyday or the required skills. My mission is to create an area on the internet where 'we' (that includeds you!) can develop a resource bank of quick, healthy, nourishing and gluten free meals with the odd coulinery master piece. The theory is... if the food is tasty, nutricious and gluten free, one meal, one cake, one loaf of bread will feed the whole family and limit cross contamination, the feeling of isolation and cooking a different meal for everyone.

The shock of her diagnosis has encouraged me to write a few articles based on my own personal experiences - hind sight is a great thing and I have certainly reviewed my dealing of this situation.

Please visit our forum to use the free resources, share your experiences and add your recipes. All information is free to use and is added in good faith.

Coeliac Kids Mini Book

My guide to coeliac diseaseHere is a mini book, for your Coeliac Children - it's FREE to download with lots of information about coeliac disease, foods to avoid and to enjoy. Simply print onto A4 fold cut and hey presto an 8 page guide.

Coeliac disease information

The book is designed for children to carry in their school bag, take to friends' houses or pass onto grandparents etc.

A coeliac guide

This vital and quick guide to coeliac disease is easy to understand, stresses the importance of taking care when producing and cooking gluten free food and explains the damage that can be caused when eating gluten.

The 'I am Coeliac ... this is my book' is offered in two downloads.One download has a picture frame for your child to draw their own picture and the other has 2 active and healthy children on the cover. Personalise for your own child to carry about and print a copy of the ready completed book for friends and family.

A mini book of coeliac disease

Coeliac disease is a life style, and children are at the mercy of adults who may not fully understand the importance of food preparation, cross contamination and perfect for schools and teachers.

This guide is a polite and fun mini-book which will inform and educate those who look after and feed your child.

Download here - choose the booklet so your child can draw their own picture or the completed front cover.

Read more: Coeliac Kids Mini Book

Download My Coeliac Book

Download Your Mini Guide  to Coeliac Disease

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