Hi, this website has been developed to try and make life a little simpler when dealing with Celiac Disease in an everyday busy family situation.

My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010, and this new restriction on her diet was going to have a huge impact on the whole family. I soon hit the internet and found out loads of information which was great but often too medical explanations were difficult to understand (Check out our simple guide to celiac disease). I then trawled the kitchen cupboards and found that actually, many things were absolutely fine for her to eat....phew (Find out about being Gluten Free). I then went to the supermarket and was delighted by the range of gluten free products and thought... this isnt so bad.

BUT what has dawned on me over time is that many of the products contain perservatives and last for weeks - I still want to give her fresh healthy foods - BUT I havent got the time to bake everyday or the required skills. My mission is to create an area on the internet where 'we' (that includeds you!) can develop a resource bank of quick, healthy, nourishing and gluten free meals with the odd coulinery master piece. The theory is... if the food is tasty, nutricious and gluten free, one meal, one cake, one loaf of bread will feed the whole family and limit cross contamination, the feeling of isolation and cooking a different meal for everyone.

The shock of her diagnosis has encouraged me to write a few articles based on my own personal experiences - hind sight is a great thing and I have certainly reviewed my dealing of this situation.

Please visit our forum to use the free resources, share your experiences and add your recipes. All information is free to use and is added in good faith.