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Gluten Contamination

Flour is easily cross contaminatedThe risk of contamination is high when living with non-coeliacs. Simple steps can be carried out to avoid the risk of cross contamination of gluten containing products. It is often easier for the whole family to eat gluten free meals but this is not always possible and not always fair on siblings.

Simple procedures will help to avoid gluten cross conatmination

  • Always wash down surfaces before preparing food Use a plate or dedicated kitchen board to prepare food Assign utensils for gluten free cooking... Consider buying utensils in a colour. ie all blue or utensils are gluten free. Always wash before and after use Use gluten free saucepans, frying pans, mixing bowls, bread pans, cake tins etc. Again these could be purchased in blue Wash hands after touching or preparing gluten food.
  • Never use the same utensils to serve
  • Use separate containers for jams and butter. Crumbs can easily be left behind.
  • Use separate bread boards
  • Use a clean grill
  • Never use the same cooking oil that has been used for cooking gluten contained foods
  • Assign a dedicated cupboard or drawer for gluten free products.
  • Be aware that a utensil draw is often situated below preparation surfaces and crumbs, flour dust etc can easily contaminate unused knives, forks and spoons etc. Always wash before use.
  • For toast use toaster bags or buy a separate toaster, again blue and pink toasters are available Store cooked items in air tight bags or containers in the fridge ir freezer, again blue and pink food storage containers are available.

Hopefully these few routines will help to ensure a gluten free diet can be maintained for your child and with special cooking items and utensils will be fun too!



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