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Gluten Free Play

Gluten free paints are available but care can be taken with ordinary paintGluten cannot be absorbed through the skin but using gluten free products where possible is advisable particularly for young children who often put anything in their mouths. Glue, paint and crayons can be checked.

Pasta Art

Nurseries and schools may use foods for artwork and gluten free pasta should be used where possible as this is tempting to taste. Older children can be advised to be careful and wash their hands thoroughly after use.

Gluten Free Playdough

Homemade and shop bought playdough usually contains wheat flour and can easily be consumed whether it looks tasty to a young child or the salty fingers are tasted... 

You can find a gluten free playdough in our cookbook, easy to make, colour and scent!

Papier Mache 

This can be made from a variety flours, glues, wall paper pastes etc. Rarely in schools and nurseries is wall paper paste used due to the anti fungal ingredients.

It isnt ideal for your child to be inhaling dust from flour either, but strict preparation routines and hygiene rules about washing their hands should allow your child to join in unaffected.

You can find a gluten free papier machie recipe in our cookbook.


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