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Coeliac Kids Mini Book

My guide to coeliac diseaseHere is a mini book, for your Coeliac Children - it's FREE to download with lots of information about coeliac disease, foods to avoid and to enjoy. Simply print onto A4 fold cut and hey presto an 8 page guide.

Coeliac disease information

The book is designed for children to carry in their school bag, take to friends' houses or pass onto grandparents etc.

A coeliac guide

This vital and quick guide to coeliac disease is easy to understand, stresses the importance of taking care when producing and cooking gluten free food and explains the damage that can be caused when eating gluten.

The 'I am Coeliac ... this is my book' is offered in two downloads.One download has a picture frame for your child to draw their own picture and the other has 2 active and healthy children on the cover. Personalise for your own child to carry about and print a copy of the ready completed book for friends and family.

A mini book of coeliac disease

Coeliac disease is a life style, and children are at the mercy of adults who may not fully understand the importance of food preparation, cross contamination and perfect for schools and teachers.

This guide is a polite and fun mini-book which will inform and educate those who look after and feed your child.

Download here - choose the booklet so your child can draw their own picture or the completed front cover.


Download here
Download your guide to coeliac disease - blank cover

Download here
Mini Guide  to Coeliac Disease


Simply fold a few times, cut once and manipulate to open your 8 page quick guide to coeliac disease!

I have coeliac - a kids guide

A mini book  for   children with coeliac disease

Download My Coeliac Book

Download Your Mini Guide  to Coeliac Disease

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