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Hot Cross Buns Gluten Free Recipe

Hot Cross Buns, delicious bready gluten free recipe, ideal for Easter. Freeze if only a few are required at a time
300 g Bread Flour
1 tsp Yeast
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Mixed Spice
50 g Currants
50 g Chopped Mixed Peel (or increase the quantity of currents
150 ml Milk
1 Egg
25 g Melted Butter
2 tbsp Milk if needed to bind dough

15 ml Boiling Water
1 tsp Sugar

Cross Top
30 ml Flour
15 ml Milk


This recipe looks long but actually quite simple


1. Mix the flour, yeast, salt, sugar, mixed spice, currants and mixed peel

2. Mix in the milk, egg and melted butter (milk may be needed to bind the dough - you need to aim for a soft plyable dough)

3. Leave the dough for 1 hour in a warm place


4. Knead the dough and divide into 12 pieces

6. Form a ball with each piece of dough and place on a baking tray

7. Make a wash: dissolve the sugar in the boling water and brush over each dough ball

8. In another bowl mix the flour and milk to form a soft dough and roll onto a floured surface

9. Score each dough ball in a cross, then cut the dough into strips and place aloong the scored line

10. Cover and leave in a warm place for 30 mins


11. Bake at 200°C for 12 - 15 mins

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