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Cornflour a kitchen cupboard must have

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Gluten Free Cooking with Cornflour / Corn StarchWe often talk about new fancy flours which are great for a gluten free diet but the good old corn flour or cornstarch has lived in a cupboards for years.

Thickening properties

Cornflour  is the starch extracted from maize. It is great for thickening soups and casseroles and is perfect white or cheese sauces, but can we use this long standing cooking favourite.

This fine white powder is milled from maize which the hull, germ and gluten are removed.

Cornflour in Cooking 

Cornflour is easy to use and add to thicken recipes by simply mixing with water. Once mixed, a smooth creamy paste is formed, which blends into casseroles, pie fillings and sauces without the risk of lumps. Cornflour is tasteless and therefore willnot taint the flavour in recipes. Cornflour however cannot be frozen or used in a long cooking prcess.

Gluten Free flour mixes

By mixing other flours with corn flour, great cakes and other baked items can be created with a light texture.

Tips for using cornflour

Cornflour should always be mixed with a little cold liquid before adding to a recipe. Cornflour can be mixed with water, stock, wine or beer.

Use twice as much cold liquid as cornflour, mix to a thin paste and thens stir into the rest of the liquid or recipe to be thickened.

Stir the mixture until it comes to the boil and the mix should become thicker.

Limit the amount of cooking time in your recipe.

1 tablespoon of cornflour will thicken abour 240ml to 480ml of liquid.

Store cornflour in a cool, dry dark place

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... we've come up with casseroles, cheese sauce, pie fillings... Please add any great cornflour recipes to our cookbook, meanwhile you can take a look at our Chocolate Orange Shortbread.



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