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What is Sorghum Flour?

Sorghum flour is made from a grain which is very common in Africa and India. It is the 5th most important grain in the world. Orginally used for a cereal crop for feeding animals, it now more widely used for human consumption and being gluten free is ideal for Coeliac recipes. The whole grain kernal is ground into flour and can be used for cooking and baking. Sorghum flour is nutritionally similar to corn but is higher in protein and fat and lower in vitamin A.

What can I make with Sorghum Flour?

Pancakes, porridge and flatbreads can be made from sorghum flour, though it is generally agreed the best baking results are achieved with a mix of flours. A good mix is rice flour, potato starch and sorghum flour for cakes, muffuns, unleavened breads, cookies, cous cous, malted beverages.

How should I use sorghum flour?

Sorgum flour doesnt have a taste which can be of benefit as it wont taint a recipe's flavour. Due to being gluten free and therefore not having a natural binding property, it really needs to be used with cornflour in recipes which will help to bind the recipe. As with many gluten free flours, the final baked product can be drier and crumblier so extra oil, fat and eggs can add to the texture and dont forget xanthan gum will alos help! Baking powder and soda will also help doughs rise.

Where can i buy sorghum flour?

Health food shops or asian food markets stock sorghum flour but it is becoming more readily available all the time. Some larger supermarkets also sell sorghum flour and of course the wonderful Internet offers Sorghum Flour and similar flours!


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