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What is Tapioca Flour?

Cassava / Tapioca Flour - A gluten free flourTapioca Flour

Tapioca Flour is a fabulous starchy flour. It is derived from the root of the green boughed bitter cassava, aipim or manioc plant. The bitter cassava's roots cyanogenic glucosides, linamarin and lotaustralin which is harmful to us and therefore it roots are processed to obtain the starch

The word 'tapioca' is derived from the South American Tupi name tipi'óka, which means to to process and obtain the starch. The starch can then be made into powdered tapioca flour, rectangular sticks, pearls and flakes. These days the cassava plant is farmed globally and has become a valued ingedient in coeliac cooking, growing far away from its origins on the Amazon belt.

Using Tapioca Flour

Tapioca Flour is super smooth and when cooked goes translucent. Tapioca flour is great in baking when a chewy texture is required, in muffins, cakes and patties. Tapicoca flour leaves breads very white. Tapioca flour is a great sauce or gravy thickener and wont discolour, and is perfect for soups and casseroles too, so great for you crock pot or slow cooker. Tapioca flour doesnt separate or coagulate when chilled or frozen. Tapioca flour is perfect for dredging chicken for example, simply dip the chicken in egg and drag through the flour ready for frying!

Tapioca Tips

  • When using to thicken sauces, mix into a paste first to avoid lumps

  • Add to any food that needs thickening, the flour has no particular taste or aroma

  • Dont overcook as the flour will lose its thickening properties

  • Great for dredging, dip chicken, fish etc in egg and drag through the tapioca flour and fry

Nutrition Info





100g of Tapioca flour = 340calories

Carbohydrates - 26 grams per 4 tablespoons

No fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals

2 percent of your daily value of iron

Almost protein free

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