Happy Kids With Healthy Bodies

Healthy Kids with Healthy Bodies

Living healthy lives with celiac disease{jcomments off}One of our main missions as a parent is to ensure we have healthy children and even though grains are not absolutely essential, having to exclude wheat, barley, rye and oats from a diet causes a few problems.

Gluten free on the go...

The ease of grabbing a slice of toast, snacking on a museli bar and grabbing a jam doughnut on the run has been taken from us. These articles are designed to help ease the stress and strain being gluten free 24/7 and finding gluten free alternatives, stocking our freezer and cupboards with great, easy gluten free choices to ensure we really do have happy kids with healthy bodies.

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Packed Lunches

Gluten Free Lunches for School and Days out

Easy ways to pack your gluten free lunch boxPacked lunches can be just as fun for celiac chidren as well as the other kids in the family. Maybe packing you child's school lunch box is an added reassurance of what is being eaten throughout the day. Packed lunches and snacks need to be exciting and varied as well as include a few of the 5 a day portions of fruit and vegetables. 

Gluten Free Bread

There are many breads on the market for ceoliacs and some are better than others. Some have a shorter shelf life than other. You will experiment and find what best suits your family. There are many loaves which are great for toast but are just simply dry for sandwiches. Bread from certain manufacturers are available on prescriptions so chat to your dietician or doctor about these, or better still ask a fellow celiac.

Gluten Free Bread Rolls

These are often great because they are designed to be eaten untoasted. There is a huge choice, from white bread, brown bread and seeded too! Again, you will find which you like best.

Gluten Free Pittas and crackers

Adding a variety to a child's diet will always help adjusting and coming to terms with having an alternative diet. Crackers are great, they are fundamentally dryer and crumblier than bread so probably more 'normal' than some breads. Try adding butter crackers to a lunch box and leaving the filling for yur child to fill themselves. Pitas can be a bit more hard work to chew but these are improving all the time. Older kids will love stuffing and making their own. Pitas are also a great alternative for the toastie maker or under the grill.

Food Flask

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5 Day Coeliac School Lunchbox Planner

Gluten Free Sandwiches - egg, ham, cheese, soft cheese, chicken mayo, tuna mayo...We thought it'd be helpful to give a few suggestions on a healthy and balanced lunch box, the last thing we need is our coeliac kids getting fed up with their diet. Keep the gluten free diet fun and new and interesting. Get your child involved in making and choosing their lunches.

Keep gluten free lunches interesting

Rotate some favourites, and throw in some new surprises. Kids often try new things when they are sat with their friends.


Sample Weekly Gluten Free Lunch Menu




Thursday Friday

GF Seeded Bread Roll

Honeyroast Ham


Cheddar cheese sticks

Homemade Tortilla

Chicken strips



White Rice Bread Roll

Soft Cheese

Tomato Slices

Sprinkle Black Pepper

GF Bread

Tuna in Olive Oil Mixed with Sweetcorn


Cheese string

Seeded GF Crackers

Red Leicester Cheese

Pickle / Chutney

Sliced tomoto

 Pot of celery sticks

Pot of Olives

Boiled Egg Slices

Pot of Plum Cherry Tomatoes Pot of Carrots

Blueberries & Raspberries

Apple / Banana

Pot of seeds & nuts

2x Satsumas Grapes

 GF Fromage Frais

Oven Baked Crisps

 Chocolate Mousse

 Petit Filous GF Fruit Yoghurt




Snack Snack

Fruit Flakes

Cheese Crackers

 Almond Fingers

School Bar GF Bread Sticks & Dairylea Triangle


Find out more about Nutritional values for children.

Gluten Free Play

Gluten free paints are available but care can be taken with ordinary paintGluten cannot be absorbed through the skin but using gluten free products where possible is advisable particularly for young children who often put anything in their mouths. Glue, paint and crayons can be checked.

Pasta Art

Nurseries and schools may use foods for artwork and gluten free pasta should be used where possible as this is tempting to taste. Older children can be advised to be careful and wash their hands thoroughly after use.

Gluten Free Playdough

Homemade and shop bought playdough usually contains wheat flour and can easily be consumed whether it looks tasty to a young child or the salty fingers are tasted... 

You can find a gluten free playdough in our cookbook, easy to make, colour and scent!

Papier Mache 

This can be made from a variety flours, glues, wall paper pastes etc. Rarely in schools and nurseries is wall paper paste used due to the anti fungal ingredients.

It isnt ideal for your child to be inhaling dust from flour either, but strict preparation routines and hygiene rules about washing their hands should allow your child to join in unaffected.

You can find a gluten free papier machie recipe in our cookbook.


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