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5 Day Coeliac School Lunchbox Planner

Gluten Free Sandwiches - egg, ham, cheese, soft cheese, chicken mayo, tuna mayo...We thought it'd be helpful to give a few suggestions on a healthy and balanced lunch box, the last thing we need is our coeliac kids getting fed up with their diet. Keep the gluten free diet fun and new and interesting. Get your child involved in making and choosing their lunches.

Keep gluten free lunches interesting

Rotate some favourites, and throw in some new surprises. Kids often try new things when they are sat with their friends.


Sample Weekly Gluten Free Lunch Menu




Thursday Friday

GF Seeded Bread Roll

Honeyroast Ham


Cheddar cheese sticks

Homemade Tortilla

Chicken strips



White Rice Bread Roll

Soft Cheese

Tomato Slices

Sprinkle Black Pepper

GF Bread

Tuna in Olive Oil Mixed with Sweetcorn


Cheese string

Seeded GF Crackers

Red Leicester Cheese

Pickle / Chutney

Sliced tomoto

 Pot of celery sticks

Pot of Olives

Boiled Egg Slices

Pot of Plum Cherry Tomatoes Pot of Carrots

Blueberries & Raspberries

Apple / Banana

Pot of seeds & nuts

2x Satsumas Grapes

 GF Fromage Frais

Oven Baked Crisps

 Chocolate Mousse

 Petit Filous GF Fruit Yoghurt




Snack Snack

Fruit Flakes

Cheese Crackers

 Almond Fingers

School Bar GF Bread Sticks & Dairylea Triangle


Find out more about Nutritional values for children.

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