Packed Lunches

Gluten Free Lunches for School and Days out

Easy ways to pack your gluten free lunch boxPacked lunches can be just as fun for celiac chidren as well as the other kids in the family. Maybe packing you child's school lunch box is an added reassurance of what is being eaten throughout the day. Packed lunches and snacks need to be exciting and varied as well as include a few of the 5 a day portions of fruit and vegetables. 

Gluten Free Bread

There are many breads on the market for ceoliacs and some are better than others. Some have a shorter shelf life than other. You will experiment and find what best suits your family. There are many loaves which are great for toast but are just simply dry for sandwiches. Bread from certain manufacturers are available on prescriptions so chat to your dietician or doctor about these, or better still ask a fellow celiac.

Gluten Free Bread Rolls

These are often great because they are designed to be eaten untoasted. There is a huge choice, from white bread, brown bread and seeded too! Again, you will find which you like best.

Gluten Free Pittas and crackers

Adding a variety to a child's diet will always help adjusting and coming to terms with having an alternative diet. Crackers are great, they are fundamentally dryer and crumblier than bread so probably more 'normal' than some breads. Try adding butter crackers to a lunch box and leaving the filling for yur child to fill themselves. Pitas can be a bit more hard work to chew but these are improving all the time. Older kids will love stuffing and making their own. Pitas are also a great alternative for the toastie maker or under the grill.

Food Flask

A food flask is a great way to keep food cold or hot! Hot pasta and sauce is great for a supper out when it maybe difficuly to get a gluten free dinner.

A gluten Free Balanced Lunch Box

A variety of starchy / carbohydrates, fruit, veg and proteins is a must in any lunch box, and play your cards right, the 5 a day will take care of itself.

Aim to have:

  • Starchy foods, gluten free bread, rice, potatoes, pasta etc.
    • good for energy, seeded and brown alternatives are a healthier choice
  • Protein foods, meat, eggs, beans etc
    • important for cell repair and healthy tissues etc.
  • Dairy item, cheese, yoghurt
    • cheesey strings and babybels are great for break times as well as getting the right amount of calcium
  • Veg or fruit items, carrots, banana, blueberries etc.
    • Chop up so the kids can eat with their fingers, choose a different item each day or create a delicious fruit salad

Packed lunch sandwhich alternatives

Breads / Crackers / Pasta / Pitas Gluten Free Fillings


bread rolls


cold pasta / sauce

chicken / tuna pasta 

rissotto rice

cheese crackers

bread sticks


cottage cheese

soft cheese

cheese strings



egg mayo





lemon curd

chocolate spread

peanut butter







Top up the gluten free lunch box with

Drinks Healthy Extras

carton of rice milk

beaker of milk

fruit juics carton


carrot, cucumber sticks, peppers

fruit flakes 

dried fruit - raisins

Mrs Crimble's cocont macaroon

Mrs Crimble's Apple rice cakes

gluten free pickles

unsalted nuts (ask school about nut allergies)

dairylea triangle & gluten free bread sticks

soya / dairy yoghurt

banana, apple, kiwi 

pot of sweetcorn

fruit salad

pot of blueberries

flapjack (if oat gluten okay)

rice snacks