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Popcorn a Naturally Gluten Free Treat

whitworths popping cornOohh - the family present this year was the fabulous popcorn maker from Gourmet Gadgets. Within 2 minutes we served a bowl of freshly popped corn to everyone and topped with our own choice of topping.


The air popping machine we chose is stylish and available in retro red and pink - there are loads on the market but the hot air machine seemed to make perfect sense!


Topping Treats

The little book suggested loads of topping ideas, some quite frankly sounded disgusting... so not going there but at 80Kcal a scoop, shared between 4, then our machine has a permanent space in our kitchen! We used Whitworth's Popping Corn for the perfect treat!


My personal fav topping is Agave Nectar - A low GI sweetener and is sweet and light and perfect for a treat.


Why not try salt and GF vinegar... Cheese? pepper, chilli flakes - anything goes!


Take a look at our video! on our facebook page


gourmet popcorn machine


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