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Shrove Tuesday

Gluten Free Pancakes for all the familyThere is no need to miss out on the flipplin' pancake fun, this Shrove Tuesday. Pancakes are just as delicius gluten free as with normal wheat floured pancake. Our recipe for Gluten Free Pancake can be found in Cookbook. So get whisking, swirling, tossing and chomping those pancakes.

I make one batch for the whole family. you really cant tell the difference.

Get inventive with the fillings!

Strawberries & icecream

Chocolate Chips or caramel crunch

Sugar and lemon (obviously)

Throw in a few blueberries

Walnuts for a crunchy treat


We are always looking for new recipes for our Celiac Kids so please register on our site, join our forums and share your ideas in the Cookbook!

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