Gluten Food Labelling

Celiac Kids NewsFrom 1st January 2012 there will new food labelling and composition rules for products containing gluten or in factories where gluten containing products are manufactured and processed.

European Union regulations, state that only foods that contain less than 20 parts of gluten in a million will be allowed to use the term 'gluten-free' on their packaging. This will be classed as 'low level' for people who are classed as Coeliac. Previously, ‘gluten free’ could have contained up to ten times more than this.

There will also be a Very Low Gluten' classification. These will be for foods that (including cereals) have been specifically processed to remove most of the gluten, and contains less than 100 parts of gluten in a million. These will include bread substitutes for example.

Here at Coeliac Kids we are heartened that these steps have been added to help Coeliacs have more information on manufactured foods.