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The Slice of Heavern Gluten Free Cakery talks to Coeliac Kids:

Gluten free birthday and celebration cakes delivered in the UK"My daughter was diagnosied as coeliac at 9 months old. She is the youngest of 4 children and I was determined that her coeliac disease was not going to exclude her from family celebrations. I have worked hard over the last five years to get recipes that are enjoyed by not just her but my entire family and friends and perfecting sugarcraft so I can get the cakes to look good to show off at a celebration.

After been approched by a mom on the playground who had a coeliac son and was desperatly after a birthday cake, Slice of heaven was born. Her story was very similiar to mine but the young lad was celebrating his 13th birthday and had never had a cake he could eat.

Gluten Free Cakes for Kids and Adults Delivered

I became obsessed with setting up a business that would not just be a business but also a way of spreading the coeliac disease awareness message. I love seeing the reactions of people when they collect their cakes and I feel very privelaged to be trusted to make cakes for coeliacs. We have just perfected a way to be able to deliver celebration cakes nationwide which is another exciting step to ensuring that all coeliacs can celebrate with a cake no matter the occasion or their age."



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