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Veronica's Snacks

jassy eating crunchy creaturesI was sent the Sour Cream, Herb & Onion along with the Cheese Crunchy Creatures.

One mouthful and I yelled "a great 10 out of 10 - these are delicious."

Veronica's Corn Crunchy Creatures

The taste is fabulous and really intense. "Mom Can I get more?

The Crunchy Creatures are fun shaped baked cheese puffs and I could eat at least five packets! They melt in your mouth leaving a yummy cheesey flavour. Each Crunchy Creature is a fun dinosaur, and who doesnt just love to eat dinosaurs!

The snacks are corn based so suitable for coeliacs and vegetarians with no hidden nasties! They are available as 30g single packs or in multipacks of 5x 15g.

Veronicas Potato Snacks

The Veronicas Snacks are very crunchy and full of flavour. These are potato crisps. The Sour Cream, Herb & Onion do contain dairy so need to be avoided if you are also following a dairy free diet.

Mum helped me eat the Sour Cream packs - I cant wait to get more.

Range Includes

Also available in Vegy Crisps - Roast Tomato & Spanish Paprika and Roast Garlic & Mixed Herb

Potato - also Barbeque

veronicas crunchy creatures crisps boxWhere to buy

The website lists loads of place to buy these snacks but our local Tesco does not yet. I cant find them on Amazon either, so we'll have to buy direct from the Veronica's website.

From the website - you can buy boxes of 24 + P&P - To take advantage of the discounted packs I added 2x Potato Crisps and 1x Crunchy Creatures (Total of 72 bags) ans with P&P - the total cost was €51.97 (about £42.00) which works out at 58p per bag.

veronicas snacks sour cream crispsHere's my rating: Veronica's Snacks


starstarstarstarstar 5/5


starstarstarstarstar 5/5


starstarstarstarstar 5/5

 Value for money

starstarstarstarstar-half-full-icon 4.5/5

 Overall Total

 starstarstarstarstar 4.9/5


Clearly, I think the taste was grrreat! and the crunch of the Veronica's snacks was super and the melt in your mouth of the Crunchy Creatures was fabulous.

The packaging is fun and attractive to kids, nice vibrant colours and I just love eating dinosaurs. Not the cheapest snack on the block but worth the extra and once in the supermarket near me, mum'll definately add them to the weekly shop.


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