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Real Fruit Jelly

Gluten Free Real fruit Jelly - vegetarian too!



700g frozen strawberries / blueberries or any fruits or 750g Fresh fruit
80g / 100g caster sugar (depending on how sweet you like your jelly)
12g vege gel (Dr Oetker sachets will do the trick)
400ml apple juice


1. Blend the frozen strawberries / blueberries with the sugar and 200ml apple juice 2. Warm gently the remaining 200ml apple juice and sprinkle whilst stirring the vege gel until dissolved 3. Pour the blended mix into the pan and heat until almost boiling.

4. Pour the mix into jelly mould/s (small glasses will do the job) and allow to set in the fridge for at least an hour (over night is fine)

5. The moulds will turn out of the moulds if they are stood for a few minutes in warm water before outrunning onto a plate

Serve with ice cream or more fruit!

NB - if your jelly powder goes lumpy, pour into the blender and whiz up, then return all the mix to the saucepan and heat again

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